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Arithmetic Symbols

+ ± ÷ × ~ Δ

Equality Symbols

Comparison Symbols


Integral Symbols

Geometric Symbols


Logical Symbols


Set Theory Symbols

Fraction Symbols

½ ¾ ¼ %

PI Symbols

π 𝝅 𝝿 п 𝞹 Π 𝜫 𝝥 𝞟 П п ϖ

Angle Symbols


Various Mathematical Symbols


Table of Mathematical Symbols

N-ary ProductU+2A0A
Double IntegralU+2140
Dot PlusU+2214
Dot MinusU+2238
Tilde OperatorU+2242
Circled PlusU+2295
Circled MinusU+2296
Circled TimesU+2297
Circled DivisionU+2298
Circled DotU+2299
Circled RingU+229A
Circled AsteriskU+229B
Circled DashU+229D
Squared PlusU+229E
Squared MinusU+229F
Squared TimesU+22A0
Squared DotU+22A1
Left Normal Factor Semidirect ProductU+22CB
Right Normal Factor Semidirect ProductU+22CC
Geometrically Equivalent ToU+2A71
Difference BetweenU+2A72
ΔCapital DeltaU+0394
For AllU+2200
There ExistsU+2203
There Does Not ExistU+2204
|Vertical LineU+007C
Does Not DivideU+2224
Per Ten ThousandU+2031
Ring OperatorU+2218
Reversed TildeU+223B
Tilde OperatorU+223D
Wreath ProductU+2240
Not TildeU+2241
Left Normal Factor Semidirect ProductU+22CF
Right Normal Factor Semidirect ProductU+22D0
Double SubsetU+2281
Double SupersetU+2282
Equal and Parallel ToU+22A2
Tilde OperatorU+22A3
Double IntersectionU+22C2
Double UnionU+22C3
Z Notation SpotU+22B7
Rightwards Arrow From BarU+2918
Right Double Arrow From BarU+2919
Downwards Arrow With Horizontal StrokeU+292A
Left Normal Factor Semidirect ProductU+22C9
Right Normal Factor Semidirect ProductU+22CA
Vertical EllipsisU+22EE
Midline Horizontal EllipsisU+2026
Down Right Diagonal EllipsisU+22F0
Up Right Diagonal EllipsisU+22F1
Left CeilingU+2308
Right CeilingU+2309
Left FloorU+230A
Right FloorU+230B
Left-Pointing Angle BracketU+2329
Right-Pointing Angle BracketU+232A
Normal Subgroup of or Equal ToU+22B2
Contains as Normal SubgroupU+22B3
Normal Subgroup ofU+22B4
Contains as Normal SubgroupU+22B5
Lesser-Than Sign With DotU+22EA
Greater-Than Sign With DotU+22EB
Not Equal ToU+2260
Almost Equal ToU+2248
Asymptotically Equal ToU+2242
Asymptotically Equal Or Equal ToU+2243
Neither Approximately Nor Actually Equal ToU+2244
Equal To or Greater-ThanU+224D
Approximately Equal ToU+2245
Approximately But Not Actually Equal ToU+2246
Neither Approximately Nor Actually Equal ToU+2247
Neither Greater-Than Nor Equivalent ToU+2249
Neither Less-Than Nor Equivalent ToU+224A
Precedes But Not Equivalent ToU+224B
Succeeds But Not Equivalent ToU+224C
Precedes But Not Approximately Equal ToU+224D
Succeeds But Not Approximately Equal ToU+224E
Not PrecedesU+224F
Not SucceedsU+2250
Equals ColonU+2251
Almost Equal ToU+2252
Approximately Equal ToU+2253
Colon EqualsU+2254
Equals ColonU+2255
Ring In Equal ToU+2256
Ring Equal ToU+2257
Ring Equal ToU+2259
Approximately Equal ToU+225A
Colon EqualsU+225C
Questioned Equal ToU+225F
Identical ToU+2261
Not Identical ToU+2262
Strictly Equivalent ToU+226D
Equal to or PrecedesU+22D5
<Less-Than SignU+003C
Less-Than Or Equal ToU+2264
Greater-Than Or Equal ToU+2265
Less-Than Over Equal ToU+2266
Greater-Than Over Equal ToU+2267
Less-Than But Not Equal ToU+2268
Greater-Than But Not Equal ToU+2269
Much Less-ThanU+226A
Much Greater-ThanU+226B
Not Less-ThanU+226E
Not Greater-ThanU+226F
Neither Less-Than Nor Equal ToU+2270
Neither Greater-Than Nor Equal ToU+2271
Less-Than Or Equivalent ToU+2272
Greater-Than Or Equivalent ToU+2273
Neither Less-Than Nor Equivalent ToU+2274
Neither Greater-Than Nor Equivalent ToU+2275
Less-Than Or Greater-ThanU+2276
Greater-Than Or Less-ThanU+2277
Neither Less-Than Nor Greater-ThanU+2278
Neither Greater-Than Nor Less-ThanU+2279
Precedes Or Equal ToU+227C
Succeeds Or Equal ToU+227D
Precedes Or Equivalent ToU+227E
Succeeds Or Equivalent ToU+227F
Does Not PrecedeU+2280
Does Not SucceedU+2281
Precedes But Not Equivalent ToU+22B0
Precedes Under RelationU+22D6
Succeeds Under RelationU+22D7
Precedes Or Equal ToU+22D8
Succeeds Or Equal ToU+22D9
Precedes Or Equivalent ToU+22DA
Succeeds Or Equivalent ToU+22DB
Precedes But Not Equivalent ToU+22DE
Succeeds But Not Equivalent ToU+22DF
Precedes But Not SucceedsU+22E0
Succeeds But Not PrecedesU+22E1
Double IntegralU+222C
Triple IntegralU+222D
Contour IntegralU+222E
Surface IntegralU+222F
Volume IntegralU+2230
Clockwise IntegralU+2231
Clockwise Contour IntegralU+2232
Anticlockwise Contour IntegralU+2233
Quadruple IntegralU+2A0C
Finite Part IntegralU+2A0D
Integral With Double StrokeU+2A0E
Integral Average With SlashU+2A0F
Circulation FunctionU+2A10
Anticlockwise IntegrationU+2A11
Line Integration With Rectangular Path Around PoleU+2A12
Line Integration With Semicircular Path Around PoleU+2A13
Line Integration Not Including The PoleU+2A14
Integral Around A Point OperatorU+2A15
Quaternion Integral OperatorU+2A16
Integral With Leftwards Arrow With HookU+2A17
Integral With Times SignU+2A18
Integral With IntersectionU+2A19
Integral With UnionU+2A1A
Integral With OverbarU+2A1B
Integral With UnderbarU+2A1C
Large Left Triangle OperatorU+2A1E
Z Notation Schema CompositionU+2A1F
Z Notation Schema PipeliningU+2A20
Z Notation Schema ProjectionU+2A21
Plus Sign With Small Circle AboveU+2A22
Plus Sign With Circumflex Accent AboveU+2A23
Plus Sign With Tilde AboveU+2A24
Plus Sign With Dot BelowU+2A25
Plus Sign With Tilde BelowU+2A26
Plus Sign With Subscript TwoU+2A27
Plus Sign With Black TriangleU+2A28
Minus Sign With Comma AboveU+2A29
Minus Sign With Dot BelowU+2A2A
Minus Sign With Falling DotsU+2A2B
Minus Sign With Rising DotsU+2A2C
Plus Sign In Left Half CircleU+2A2D
Plus Sign In Right Half CircleU+2A2E
Vector Or Cross ProductU+2A2F
Multiplication Sign With Dot AboveU+2A30
Multiplication Sign With UnderbarU+2A31
Semidirect Product With Bottom ClosedU+2A32
Smash ProductU+2A33
Multiplication Sign In Left Half CircleU+2A34
Multiplication Sign In Right Half CircleU+2A35
Circled Multiplication Sign With Circumflex AccentU+2A36
Multiplication Sign In Double CircleU+2A37
Circled Division SignU+2A38
Plus Sign In TriangleU+2A39
Minus Sign In TriangleU+2A3A
Multiplication Sign In TriangleU+2A3B
Interior ProductU+2A3C
Righthand Interior ProductU+2A3D
Z Notation Relational CompositionU+2A3E
⨿Amalgamation Or CoproductU+2A3F
Intersection With DotU+2A40
Union With Minus SignU+2A41
Union With OverbarU+2A42
Intersection With OverbarU+2A43
Intersection With Logical AndU+2A44
Union With Logical OrU+2A45
Union Above IntersectionU+2A46
Intersection Above UnionU+2A47
Union Above Bar Above IntersectionU+2A48
Intersection Above Bar Above UnionU+2A49
Union Beside And Joined With UnionU+2A4A
Intersection Beside And Joined With IntersectionU+2A4B
Closed Union With SerifsU+2A4C
Closed Intersection With SerifsU+2A4D
Double Square IntersectionU+2A4E
Double Square UnionU+2A4F
Closed Union With Serifs And Smash ProductU+2A50
Logical And With Dot AboveU+2A51
Logical Or With Dot AboveU+2A52
Double Logical AndU+2A53
Double Logical OrU+2A54
Two Intersecting Logical AndU+2A55
Two Intersecting Logical OrU+2A56
Sloping Large OrU+2A57
Sloping Large AndU+2A58
Logical Or Overlapping Logical AndU+2A59
Logical And With Middle StemU+2A5A
Logical Or With Middle StemU+2A5B
Logical And With Horizontal DashU+2A5C
Logical Or With Horizontal DashU+2A5D
Logical And With Double OverbarU+2A5E
Logical And With UnderbarU+2A5F
Logical And With Double UnderbarU+2A60
Small Vee With UnderbarU+2A61
Logical Or With Double OverbarU+2A62
Logical Or With Double UnderbarU+2A63
Z Notation Domain AntirestrictionU+2A64
Z Notation Range AntirestrictionU+2A65
Equals Sign With Dot BelowU+2A66
Identical With Dot AboveU+2A67
Triple Horizontal Bar With Double Vertical StrokeU+2A68
Triple Horizontal Bar With Triple Vertical StrokeU+2A69
Tilde Operator With Dot AboveU+2A6A
Tilde Operator With Rising DotsU+2A6B
Similar Minus SimilarU+2A6C
Congruent With Dot AboveU+2A6D
Equals With AsteriskU+2A6E
Almost Equal To With Circumflex AccentU+2A6F
Approximately Equal Or Equal ToU+2A70
πLowercase PiU+03C0
𝝅Mathematical Bold PiU+1D6C5
𝝿Mathematical Bold Partial DifferentialU+1D6FF
Script PiU+213C
пCyrillic Letter PeU+043F
𝞹Mathematical Bold Italic Small PiU+1D7B9
ΠUppercase PiU+03A0