Remove Duplicate Lines

Online duplicate lines remover tool to delete duplicate lines easily from your text.

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Remove Duplicate Lines From Text Online

What is Remove Duplicate Lines Tool?

With this duplicate lines remover free online tool, you can remove the repeating text lines from any text. It is a very useful tool that you can use when you are working with lengthy content that has the tendency of repeating lines. Moreover, if you are working on a large number of paragraphs, you can use this tool to get rid of repeated lines.

How Duplicate Line Remover Works ?

The working of the remove duplicate lines is quite simple. You paste the text from a document into the given text box. You can select preferences like considering the case sensitive lines, remove empty lines, and displaying the removed lines. Removal of the empty lines is a very beneficial feature of this tool because it ensures your text’s consistency and quality by getting rid of the duplicate and empty lines.
The tool will compare your text’s lines and then remove the lines that are similar to each other. You can easily copy the entire content by selecting the copy button and pasting the text in a document to save it.

Why should you use it?

There are many reasons why you might need to use the duplicate lines remover tool. If you are copying text from a scrambled file or there are numerous repetitions in content, you will find this tool to be highly useful and time saving for you.