Bracket Symbols

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Table of Bracket Symbols

Bracket SymbolsNameUnicode
Left Angle BracketU+3008
Right Angle BracketU+3009
Left Double Angle BracketU+300A
Right Double Angle BracketU+300B
Left Corner BracketU+300C
Right Corner BracketU+300D
Left White Corner BracketU+300E
Right White Corner BracketU+300F
Left Black Lenticular BracketU+3010
Right Black Lenticular BracketU+3011
Left Tortoise Shell BracketU+3014
Right Tortoise Shell BracketU+3015
Left Vertical Tortoise Shell BracketU+FE35
Right Vertical Tortoise Shell BracketU+FE36
Left Angle Bracket With DotU+FE37
Right Angle Bracket With DotU+FE38
Left Arc Less-Than BracketU+FE39
Right Arc Greater-Than BracketU+FE3A
Left Winged BracketU+FE3B
Right Winged BracketU+FE3C
Left Half Flower BracketU+FE3D
Right Half Flower BracketU+FE3E
︿Upwards Quadruple ArrowU+FE3F
Downwards Quadruple ArrowU+FE40
Left Double Quotation MarkU+FE41
Right Double Quotation MarkU+FE42
Left Corner Quotation MarkU+FE43
Right Corner Quotation MarkU+FE44
Left ParenthesisU+FE59
Right ParenthesisU+FE5A
Left Curly BracketU+FE5B
Right Curly BracketU+FE5C
Left White Tortoise Shell BracketU+FE5D
Right White Tortoise Shell BracketU+FE5E
Left Angle BracketU+FE64
Right Angle BracketU+FE65
Fullwidth Left ParenthesisU+FF08
Fullwidth Right ParenthesisU+FF09
Fullwidth Less-Than SignU+FF1C
Fullwidth Greater-Than SignU+FF1E
Fullwidth Left Curly BracketU+FF5B
Fullwidth Right Curly BracketU+FF5D
Left White Lenticular BracketU+3016
Right White Lenticular BracketU+3017
Left White Tortoise Shell BracketU+3018
Right White Tortoise Shell BracketU+3019