Star Symbols

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SymbolSymbol NameUnicode
Black StarU+2605
White StarU+2606
Black Diamond SuitU+2726
White Diamond SuitU+2727
White Medium StarU+2729
Black Small StarU+272A
White Small StarU+272B
Black Medium StarU+272C
White Medium StarU+272D
Black Large StarU+272E
White Large StarU+272F
Heavy White CircleU+2730
Low AsteriskU+204E
Two Asterisks Aligned VerticallyU+2051
Four Teardrop-Spoked AsteriskU+2722
Four Balloon-Spoked AsteriskU+2723
Heavy Four Balloon-Spoked AsteriskU+2724
Four Club-Spoked AsteriskU+2725
White StarU+2731
Black StarU+2732
White CircleU+2733
Black SquareU+2734
White SquareU+2735
Black DiamondU+2736
White DiamondU+2737
Black DiamondU+2738
White DiamondU+2739
Black DiamondU+273A
White DiamondU+273B
Black FlowerU+273C
White FlowerU+273D
Three Asterisks Aligned VerticallyU+273E
Black FloretteU+273F
White FloretteU+2740
Eight Petalled Outlined Black FloretteU+2741
Circled Open Centre Eight Pointed StarU+2742
Teardrop-Spoked AsteriskU+2748
Tight Trifoliate SnowflakeU+274A
Heavy Teardrop-Spoked AsteriskU+274B
Heavy SnowflakeU+2746
Tight Trifoliate SnowflakeU+2745
Asterisk OperatorU+22C6
By DefinitionU+225B
Star and CrescentU+262A
Inverted PentagramU+26E7
🟃Digram for Greater YinU+1F7C3
🟐Digram for Lesser YangU+1F7D0