Fraction Symbols

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½ ¾ ¼ %

SymbolSymbol NameUnicode
Fraction one over oneU+215F
½Fraction one halfU+00BD
Fraction one thirdU+2153
Fraction one fifthU+2155
Fraction one sixthU+2159
Fraction one eighthU+215B
Fraction two thirdsU+2154
Fraction two fifthsU+2156
Fraction five sixthsU+215A
Fraction three eighthsU+215C
¾Fraction three fourthsU+00BE
Fraction three fifthsU+2157
Fraction five eighthsU+215D
Fraction seven eighthsU+215E
Fraction four fifthsU+2158
¼Fraction one quarterU+00BC
Fraction one seventhU+2150
Fraction one ninthU+2151
Fraction one tenthU+2152
Per ten thousand signU+2189
%Percent signU+0025
Care of symbolU+2105
Per mille signU+2030
Per ten thousand signU+2031