Comparison Symbols

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SymbolSymbol NameUnicode
Less than or equal toU+2264
Greater than or equal toU+2265
Less-than over equal toU+2266
Greater-than over equal toU+2267
Less-than but not equal toU+2268
Greater-than but not equal toU+2269
Precedes under relationU+22F0
Succeeds under relationU+22F1
Nested less-than with dotU+22DB
Nested greater-than with dotU+22DA
Congruent withU+2242
Approximately equal toU+2243
Not congruent withU+2244
Congruent toU+2245
Not approximately equal toU+2246
Neither congruent nor similar toU+2247
Almost equal toU+2248
Almost equal or equal toU+2249
Approximately equivalent toU+224A
Triple tildeU+224B
All equal toU+224C
Equivalent toU+224D
Geometrically equivalent toU+224E
Difference betweenU+224F
Approaches the limitU+2250
Geometrically equal toU+2251
Approximately equal to or the image ofU+2252
Image of or approximately equal toU+2253
Colon equalsU+2254
Equals colonU+2255
Ring equalsU+2256
Corresponds toU+2257
Equiangular toU+2259
Star equalsU+225A
Delta equal toU+225B
Equal to by definitionU+225C
Measured byU+225D
Questioned equal toU+225E
Symbol for identically equal toU+225F
Not equal toU+2260
Identical toU+2261
Not identical toU+2262
Strictly equivalent toU+2263