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Text comparison is an online tool to find the difference between text documents. Just paste your text to compare and find the difference.

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Compare Text Online Tool

Text Compare is an online tool that can be used to find out the differences between different kinds of text documents.

What is Text Compare?

Text Compare is an online tool to differentiate the text and make comparisons between two texts. A unique thing about this tool is that it is very reliable, efficient, and private. It does not save or share the text that you compare. It means you can use this tool to compare sensitive information without any worries because it is completely safe and secure.

This incredible text comparison tool is available for free, and you can use it to compare any text. Moreover, it has three different options: characters, words, and lines. So, if you want to compare every single character of two texts, you can do it through Text Compare.

Importance of Text Compare

There can be several reasons why you want to compare two different texts. For instance, while rewriting a document or an assignment, check the originality of a blog post or making comparisons for any other reason. Unlike many plagiarism checkers, you can use Text Compare to check plagiarism of different writing types for free. Hence, Text Compare is a very versatile tool that you will find helpful for many different reasons.

How to Use Text Compare?

Text Compare is an extremely straightforward and user-friendly tool that anyone can use easily. All you have to do is paste the two texts in the given fields. As soon as you paste the texts, the tool will automatically compare the texts and give the results below.
Both of the texts are combined in the output, and the differences are highlighted in red color. For lengthy pieces of text, you can use the links to jump from one difference to another.