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This is an image to text converter online tool using OCR technology (Optical character recognition). With this tool, you can grab text from any scanned or captured image. Online image to text converter tool makes things easy for you, a powerful algorithm that scans your image within a second or two.
Once it is scanned, it will provide you the text that is present inside the image. You can then copy and paste it to utilize it anywhere you like.

We want you to provide an accurate solution and work for the users. However, This is one of the best algorithms that doesn’t leave any room for errors.
So instead of seeing an image and typing everything yourself, why not save time by simply scanning the image in our converter? It will take seconds, and you will be saving valuable time and effort that you can utilize in another task.
Take any image and put it through our scanner to see the amazing results. All you have to do is click “Upload” and choose a picture from your library.
Once this is done, you have to click on “Start Scan” and our tool will do its magic!