Triangle Symbols

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𝅔 𝅕 🔼 🔽▶️ ◀️ 🔺 🔻

Left ArrowheadU+25C4
Black Up-Pointing TriangleU+25B2
Black Down-Pointing TriangleU+25BC
Black Right-Pointing TriangleU+25BA
Black Left-Pointing TriangleU+25C0
White Upper Left Quadrant BracketU+25E3
White Upper Right Quadrant BracketU+25E5
White Lower Right Quadrant BracketU+25E4
White Lower Left Quadrant BracketU+25E2
Black Right-Pointing TriangleU+25B6
Black Left-Pointing TriangleU+25C2
Black Up-Pointing Small TriangleU+25B4
Black Down-Pointing Small TriangleU+25BE
Black Right-Pointing Small TriangleU+25B8
White Left-Pointing TriangleU+25C1
White Up-Pointing TriangleU+25B3
White Down-Pointing TriangleU+25BD
White Right-Pointing TriangleU+25B7
Right TriangleU+22B3
Left TriangleU+22B2
Normal Subgroup OfU+22B4
Contains As Normal SubgroupU+22B5
Left-pointing TriangleU+25C5
Right-pointing TriangleU+25BB
White Up-pointing Small TriangleU+25B5
White Down-pointing Small TriangleU+25BF
Left-pointing Small TriangleU+25C3
Right-pointing Small TriangleU+25B9
White Square With Rounded CornersU+25ED
White Square Containing Black Small SquareU+25EE
Double Left TurnstileU+2AF7
Double Right TurnstileU+2AF8
Less-Than With Circle InsideU+22D8
Greater-Than With Circle InsideU+22D9
Equal To Or Less-ThanU+22EA
Equal To Or Greater-ThanU+22EB
Less-Than Overlapping Greater-ThanU+22EC
Greater-Than Overlapping Less-ThanU+22ED
Del OperatorU+25BF
White Diamond In SquareU+25EC
Ring In Equal ToU+225C
Circled Number Ten On Black SquareU+2465