Phone Number Extractor

Extract Phone Numbers From Text Content

    About Phone Number Extractor Tool

    Phone Number Extractor is a free online tool, that helps you to find and extract all phone numbers from the text. Whether you have a large document, an email, a spreadsheet or a web page, this tool can quickly scan and detect mobile and local numbers in various formats. You can then save the extracted phone numbers as a list in txt format or copy them to your clipboard.

    How to Extract Phone Numbers From Text

    Using Phone Number Extractor from text is very easy and fast. Just follow these simple steps:

    1. Enter your text into the text box.
    2. Click the "Extract Phone Numbers" button and wait for the tool to process your input.
    3. View the results in the output box. You can see all the phone numbers that were found in your text, along with their formats and locations.
    4. Save the results as a txt file or copy them to your clipboard. You can also use our Remove Duplicate Lines tool to eliminate any duplicate numbers.


    Online phone number extractor is quite useful tool for many professionals and purposes. Some of the benefits of this tool are:

    • It works with all standard phone numbers, including country and area codes for most international numbers.
    • It supports various phone number formats, such as 888-888-8888, (888)888-8888, 888 888 8888, etc.
    • It can handle large texts and multiple inputs at once.
    • It is fast, accurate and reliable.
    • It is free, online and easy to use.