Typing Speed Test

Online typing speed test to check how fast and accurately you can type. Improve your typing speed with effective typing test.



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About Typing Speed Test :
Typing is the first important basic skill that we learn to use a computer. Typing is still a fundamental skill, and it is one of the most important computer skills that you can learn to work on a computer.
Fast and accurate typing can help you in your professional life. Many jobs both in government and private sectors ask for good typing speed. It’s very easy to learn typing skills and don’t need more than a few minutes of practice every day.
This is Words per minute typing test that can help you to measure how fast you can type. This typing test can gradually improve your typing speed. You can check this interesting Alphabet Typing Test to learn typing.

How Typing Test Work:
When you type the first letter on the top left timer will start automatically. WPM meter is on the top right corner to measure your typing speed.
Bottom left, there is a reset button if you want to reset the test, and on the bottom right, there are next and previous test navigation buttons to change the test number.
After completing the test successfully, your typing results will be added below the typing text section, along with your test number and the WPM speed. It will count words you typed during the test and calculate according to the WPM algorithm.
Just like this, you can go through simple, effective typing tests, and gradually you’ll feel the improvement in your typing speed.