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Online text encoder tool to encode text quickly. Convert your plain text/string into percent encoding easily with this fast text encoder tool.

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Online Text Encoder Tool

Importance of Text Encoding

Like Unicode and URL encoding, different types of encodings have become highly popular because they ensure smooth and safe information sharing. Such types of encoding are used in various aspects like computer files, normalization, and decomposition.

How to Encode Text?

Unlike many other text encoding tools that make it compulsory for users to download, install, and even purchase different software, this is an online free tool. You do not have to download anything to start using it. All you have to do is enter the simple text in the input box, and the text will be automatically encoded.
When you enter a string in the given input box, the tool will start automatically encoding it. When you give space between the words, ‘%20’ will be generated, which means the text is being encoded. You can easily copy the encoded text by using the ‘Copy’ button.


You can use this tool to handle sensitive information to ensure maximum privacy by providing safe and secure services. Moreover, you do not have to pay any money for this tool. You can use this tool to encode different content types without worrying about any limits that are often associated with text encoding tools.
In short, you can rely on this tool for safe, private, secure, efficient, reliable, and quick text encoding.