Online Notepad

Free online notepad to create online notes in web browser.


Online Notepad Tool

What is Online Notepad?

As the name suggests, the Online Notepad is a free notepad that you can access through any smart device. This notepad aims to allow people to easily write any text content and save it in the .txt format.

Benefit of Online Notepad

A massive benefit of Online Notepad is that you do not have to worry about the device’s specifications or any kind of downloads. Online notepad does not require any downloading or installation as you can access it online from any device. Moreover, another noticeable benefit is that you can access Online Notepad from anywhere. For instance, when you are commuting, you can simply open this notepad on your mobile phone, write your text, and save it as a text file.

How to use Online Notepad?

Using Online Notepad is extremely simple. You will write the text in the given text box. Once you are done with your writing, click the “EXPORT TXT”. As a result, a file will be made available, which you should download to save the text file on your device.