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SymbolSymbol NameUnicode
Right Double Quotation MarkU+201D
Left Single Quotation MarkU+2018
«Left-Pointing Double Angle Quotation MarkU+00AB
»Right-Pointing Double Angle Quotation MarkU+00BB
Right Single Quotation MarkU+2019
Right Single Quotation MarkU+2019
Single Low-9 Quotation MarkU+201A
Single High-Reversed-9 Quotation MarkU+201B
Left Double Quotation MarkU+201C
Right Double Quotation MarkU+201D
Double Low-9 Quotation MarkU+201E
Double High-Reversed-9 Quotation MarkU+201F
Left-Pointing Single Angle Quotation MarkU+2039
Right-Pointing Single Angle Quotation MarkU+203A
Heavy Single Comma Quotation Mark OrnamentU+275B
Heavy Single Comma Quotation Mark OrnamentU+275C
Heavy Double Comma Quotation Mark OrnamentU+275D
Heavy Double Comma Quotation Mark OrnamentU+275E
Reversed Double Prime Quotation MarkU+301D
Double Prime Quotation MarkU+301E
Low Double Prime Quotation MarkU+301F
Ditto MarkU+3003
Fullwidth Quotation MarkU+FF02
Fullwidth ApostropheU+FF07
Modifier Letter ApostropheU+02BC
Modifier Letter ApostropheU+02BC
Quotation MarkU+0022
`Grave AccentU+0060
ˊModifier Letter Acute AccentU+02CA
Horizontal BarU+2015
Em DashU+2014
En DashU+2013