Text to Speech

Online Text to Speech reader (TTS) free tool with natural voices to read any text.


Online Text to Speech Reader Tool

How to Use Text to Speech?

Text to speech is a simple and free text reader tool. You just have to write or paste your text into the given text box and select the suitable language and speaker you need. Click the play button to listen to your text.
One of the most interesting aspects of this tool is that it supports various languages. Therefore, people from different countries can enjoy this text to speech tool.

Features of Text to Speech Reader

There are certain features of Text to Speech that make it a very useful tool. Some of them are:
1. Text to speech is completely free. You do not have to worry about paying any registration or hidden fees that are often associated with such tools.
2. It is an online tool so that you do not have to download or install anything. No registration and logins are required so you can use Text to Speech on any smart device.
3. You will get to listen to your text in a high-quality natural voice. These are collected from various speakers and sources. A variety of accents is offered, along with multiple languages, so that every user can choose the voice that suits them the most.
4. The tool also has the option of clearing and copying the text. Similarly, you can stop the narration in the middle if you want. This feature is highly useful when you are converting a lengthy text into speech.
5. It would not be wrong to argue that Text to Speech is much better than many podcasts and even audiobooks. You can copy the text of the book and paste it here to listen to it. Since the tool is capable of converting text into natural-sounding speech, you can easily use it to understand different types of text.