Case Converter

Online Case converter tool to convert your text into different letter cases.

Enter your text into the input box and choose a conversion option. Your text will be transformed and displayed according to your selection.


About Online Text Case Converter Tool :

Many of us make mistakes while typing. To fix typing case errors and make your written text look perfect, you can utilize this text case converter tool according to the proper format.
You can use it to change your text case and make it perfect capitalization style, sentence, title, or other letter cases according to your requirements.

All you have to do is copy and paste the sentences or the text. Once you do, you can change your text into any of the following capitalization styles:

• Upper case
• Lower case
• Title case
• Sentence case
• Capital case
• Camel case
• Pascal case
• Snake case
• Kebab case
• Header case
• Constant case

Click on any of these cases, and your text will instantly be fixed. Remember that our tool does not recognize fonts such as bold, italic, hyperlinks, or underlined text.
It only understands the plain text. Paste the text you want to fix and see how amazingly well it works. This converter is the perfect solution to all your text style needs.