Text Analyzer

Online text analyzer tool for complete text analysis. Check number of characters, spaces, words, sentences, paragraphs, shortest and longest words used in your text or article.

Online Text Analyzer Tool

Sometimes we all need to analyze whatever we have written. Especially if you work as a writer. You need to see how many characters, words, spaces, and other things are included in your text so they fulfill all guidelines. 

Well, with our Text Analyzer tool this has never been easier. All you need to do is paste your text in the toolbox and it will analyze the text for you. 
You will then get to see many things about your text such as:

• Characters
• Characters without spaces
• Spaces
• Words
• Unique words
• Shortest word length
• Longest word length
• Average word length
• Sentences
• Paragraphs

And much more. In short, it is your one-stop-solution to all your text analysis needs. You can then modify your content accordingly and check again through our tool. 
It is free and extremely powerful tool in analyzing the text in no time. No more worrying about not getting your work done on time or missing any guidelines. 
With this tool, you will know everything you need to about your content. What are you waiting for then? Paste some text now and see for yourself how easy and amazing our tool is. Once you use it, you will never look back.