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Count words, Characters, Sentences, Paragraphs, and keywords with an accurate online word counter.

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Online Word Counter Tool

What is Word Counter?

An online word counter is a handy tool that anyone can use to quickly assess the length of written content. This tool is much more than just a word count as it is capable of counting the number of characters, sentences, and paragraphs of the content. Word Counter can even evaluate the average reading time of the text content as well.

Importance of Word Counter Tool

The need to count a document’s words can arise in many different situations, such as writing research papers, blog posts, assignments, journals, or any other writing. It is significant because a specific word count often limits most writers per the project’s rules and regulations or writing for a publication.


This tool is more than capable of handling all types of content and text from various formats like PDF, HTML, Word documents, and e-book formats like EPUB. All you have to do is copy the content from these files and paste them into the tool.
It is a very flexible tool because Word Counter lets you write content directly in the box. Hence, if you want to modify the content after pasting it or even write the entire content now in the given box, you can easily do it.
Suppose you ever need to count the number of words, characters, lines, paragraphs, and reading time of a short or long PDF, research paper, journal, magazine, or any other kind of document. In that case, you can easily do it via Word Counter.

How to use ?

If you need to analyze the content’s length, you have to open the online Word Counter and paste your text into the given field box.
The tool will immediately produce the results and display the number of words, characters, sentences, and paragraphs in your pasted content, along with the reading time and commonly used keywords.