Tick Symbols

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SymbolSymbol NameUnicode
Check MarkU+2713
Heavy Check MarkU+2714
Ballot XU+2717
Heavy Ballot XU+2718
Logical ORU+2228
Square RootU+221A
Tape DriveU+2707
Ballot BoxU+2610
Ballot Box with CheckU+2611
Ballot Box with XU+2612
Hangzhou Numeral FourU+3024
Hangzhou Numeral FiveU+3025
White Heavy Check MarkU+2705
☑️Ballot Box with CheckU+2611 + U+FE0F
✔️Heavy Check MarkU+2714 + U+FE0F
✖️Heavy Multiplication XU+2716 + U+FE0F
Cross MarkU+274C
Cross Mark ButtonU+274E