Text Cleaner

Online text cleaner to clean text by formatting properly. Easily remove line breaks and useless double spaces.


Online Text Cleaner Tool

This is a handy text cleaner tool that can be used for clear formatting your text. It allows you to remove any line breaks and multiple white spaces and trim the text to format it correctly.
Text Cleaner replaces line breaks with spaces and multiple spaces with a single space. Text cleaner is a quite helpful online web-based utility to clean the text.

What is Text Cleaner?

Text Cleaner is a highly efficient and user-friendly online tool that performs all-in-one text cleaning and formatting functions. It can remove excessive spaces and unnecessary characters. The purpose of this tool is to format a text and Remove line breaks and characters from it.

How to use Text Cleaner?

Text cleaner is one of the most reliable and easy-to-use text formatting tools you will find on the internet. You have to paste the input box’s content and click the “Clean” button to get the output box’s result. You can easily copy the resultant content that will be free from formatting issues.

Importance of Text Cleaner

The importance of using text cleaner cannot be understated because most people are nowadays managing data and documents from various sources in different formats. As a result, it is quite common that the text in some web pages, PDFs, and e-mails is incorrectly formatted.

When you are copying the text from PDFs especially, it tends to contain a lot of unnecessary line breaks and characters. Therefore, you can use this tool to Remove spaces and get rid of the other formatting issues associated with various documents.

Text cleaner is completely free, and anyone can use it for different purposes. Moreover, we do not store the data that you paste in the text box for thorough cleaning. Hence, you should be assured that your data is fully protected throughout the process, and you can use this tool to clean confidential documents.