Remove Line Breaks

Remove line breaks online tool to remove text line breaks and combine as plain text without line breaks (enter).

Line Break Remover Online Tool

What is Line Breaks Remover Tool?

Remove Line Breaks is a simple and effective tool that allows you to remove the line breaks from your text, but preserve the paragraph breaks within the content. This tool is useful in conditions when you receive some text that is poorly formatted and has a lot of line breaks. Moreover, copying from PDFs often create this issue of several line breaks and spacing in the text. You can get rid of such issues with this tool and clean text easily.


Remove Line Breaks is a very user-friendly and fast tool that allows you to easily improve your text formatting and eliminate the line breaks without having to go through a large amount of content manually. If you have a large PDF and it has a lot of line breaks, it is difficult to remove the breaks without a breaks remover tool. Hence, you can entirely rely on this tool to get rid of the unnecessary line breaks.

How to use Line Break Remover?

Anyone can use the Remove Line Breaks tool because it is straightforward to understand. You have to write or paste the input text box’s content and click the ‘Remove line breaks’ button. It will generate results immediately in the output section without any line breaks. That you can easily copy and use anywhere you want.