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Count number of lines, sentences, words, and characters with an accurate line counter text tool.

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Benefits of Line Counter

Line Counter is an essential tool for writers. It would not be wrong to say that every writer needs this kind of tool at one point or another. Whether you are trying to meet a specific word or lines limit in your content, you can use this tool.
Website content writers also often get specific demands from the clients that they need a certain number of lines in an article or an e-book. Manually counting the number of lines is an exhausting task and has a higher chance of errors. In such cases, the line counter can prove to be a highly beneficial tool that you can use to count the lines of even massive books and lengthy articles.

How to Use Line Counter?

A significant advantage of the line counter is that it is entirely free, and you can use it on any smart device with an internet connection. You only have to write or copy the text in the given box, and the tool will automatically count the number of lines, words, sentences, characters, and the average reading time.

Uses of Line Counter

Anyone can use the line counter for a variety of purposes. Programmers and developers can use this tool to determine the size of their codes. This counter tool can also be useful for coders who often have to analyze the effort needed to develop a program by counting the number of lines.

Moreover, as a writer, you can use the line counter to count the number of lines you can write a blog post or any other kind of content. This tool is also beneficial for students in academic assignments, research papers, journal articles, and many different writing types. Overall, it is helpful to verify the quality of the content and make sure it is within the required limits.