0 Symbols

Complete list of number Zero Symbols, copy and paste any 0 symbol to use in your text.

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Number Zero Symbols

Symbol Name Unicode
0Digit ZeroU+0030
߀N’Ko Digit ZeroU+07C0
०Devanagari Digit ZeroU+0966
০Bengali Digit ZeroU+09E6
੦Gurmukhi Digit ZeroU+0A66
૦Gujarati Digit ZeroU+0AE6
à­¦Oriya Digit ZeroU+0B66
0Telugu Digit ZeroU+0C66
౸Telugu Fraction Digit Zero For Odd Powers of FourU+0C78
೦Kannada Digit ZeroU+0CE6
᱐Sora Sompeng Digit ZeroU+1C50
᧐New Tai Lue Digit ZeroU+19D0
᠐Mongolian Digit ZeroU+1810
០Khmer Digit ZeroU+17E0
၀Myanmar Digit ZeroU+1040
໐Lao Digit ZeroU+0ED0
๐Thai Digit ZeroU+0E50
൦Malayalam Digit ZeroU+0D66
⁰Superscript ZeroU+2070