URL Encode

Online URL Encode and Decode Tool to convert your text or URL into percent encoded string.


Online URL Encoder Tool

How to use this tool?

URL Encode is a user-friendly and free online tool for encoding URLs. All you have to do is paste a string in the given input box, and the tool will automatically convert the given string into an encoded URL. Once you have encoded the URL, you can press the ‘copy’ button to copy the resulting encoded URL.

Working on URL Encoding

The working of this URL Encoding tool is quite simple. When you put a string in it, it will convert the character into one or more bytes. These bytes are represented by two hexadecimal digits and the percent sign. As a result, the encoded value of the URL is produced.
URL encoding is often called percent-encoding because the % sign is being used as an escape character. However, this tool’s good thing is that you do not have to worry about such kind of technical work because the tool will automatically perform the function and produce an encoded URL when you put a string in the input box.