Base64 Encode

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Online Base64 Encoder Tool

About Base64?

Base64 means the group of encoding designs that symbolizes the binary data in ASCII format by converting it into base64 representation.

What is Base64 Encoding?

Base64 encoding schemes are essential when binary information has to be encoded when you want to store or transfer it over media designed to deal with information in text format. Base64 is used in a variety of applications like MIME or storing multifaceted information in JSON or XML.
The characters selected for the 64 characters vary a lot depending on the desired results and overall implementation. The primary concept is that encoding makes it impossible to alter the data during transportation via IT systems.

How to Use Base64 Encode?

The Base64 Encoder tool is a very user-friendly tool. You can find two boxes related to this tool. In the input box, you need to write or paste the text. The tool will automatically encode it and show the results in the output box. A button of copy is also located so that you can easily copy the result. You can fully rely on this tool as it produces accurate and quick results. Moreover, it is capable of handling different types of base64 strings.