5 Great Online Educational Tools For Students

Today, every single college-going student is familiar with all the educational tools because it helps a lot. Digital tools are now an integral part of the educational landscape in the educational sector.

These tools help reduce barriers to learning and offer new possibilities in terms of accessibility beyond the educational activities that is carried out in the classroom. Here are five great online educational tools for students.

1 Typing Test

The”Typing Text” tool expresses your typing speed and provides the result of your words per minute. It is the best tool for students because it is helpful to enhance your typing speed through practice. More you speedily write the given task; more you have the best score. Additionally, the typing test tool offers typing games or other typing tests.

2 Image to Text

Want to convert your visual text into written form? Consider the “Image to Text” tool. It is a handy tool for students that analyze your image text and convert it to a handwritten text form. Only your need to upload the image and get your text that is easily shared, edited or downloaded.

3 Syllable Counter

It is a free online tool that is specifically designed for students to count their total number of syllables, whether in a sentence or words. “Syllable Counter” is an extraordinary tool to check the syllables while writing haiku, poem or anything else. Also, this tool assists in teaching and learning English grammar.

4 Text to Speech

It’s a popular and most using tool that reads your text louder, so a student will understand it correctly. The “Text to Speech” tool helps those students who have trouble at the time of reading the text.

5 Random Word Generator

A”Random Word Generator” helps you to create your own random words list. You can create verbs, letters, nouns, sentences, phrases or even build new ideas. It is worth using the tool for all the students, so they never face any difficulties.

Wrapping up
The technological world is full of unique and reliable tools, as the above are five great online educational tools for students. All the tools are useful to overcome the hurdles in studies.Nowadays, online tools for students is helpful for their classrooms works, but typing text, random word generator, text to speech and syllable counter is the top student’s handy tools.