5 Best Browser Based Online Tools For Writers

A writer is a person who puts her ideas and thoughts into words. Writing is an art and you need to pick right words for your blog, article or other content that catches the user’s attention. Whether you’re a casual blogger, author or virtual assistant, you need a person who maintains daily content.

It’s a challenging task to write in a precise manner because you are incomplete without using the writing tools. You can search your desired tool that is available on the internet. Here are five best browser-based tools for writers:

1Case Converter

It’s a handy text tool that is available online. A case converter allows you to change the upper and lower case letter. You can convert mix cases, uncapitalize or even capitalize. A writer is always in need of a tool that instantly transforms your text. Also, a userexplores different options like lower case, sentence case, upper case, capitalized case, title case and alternating case.

2Word Counter

If you’re too curious to know your blog or article words limit, then the best solution is to consider “word counter” tool. You only need to copy and paste your piece of content in the display dialogue box; the tool shows characters, sentence, word count, reading time or paragraphs.

3Text Analyzer

A writer always needs a partner like “Text analyzer”. It’s a tool that analyzes your characters, sentences, word count and paragraphs available in your text. Only you need to copy and paste your work. The main aim of the text analyzer tool is to extract readability from the unstructured text to manage your content.

4Find and Replace

Sometimes, you need to find a word or sentence in your content or blog, but you’re too lazy to find it. When you get the help of the “Find & Replace” tool, you will get your desired result. It’s like the best tool that provides an instant result.


You want to grab the attention of the user, and it is impossible without using a symbol tool. It let your piece of content into an attractive graphic style. You can remove or apply a “symbol” in your writing content.

Wrapping up:

The above are the five best browser-based tools for writers that are helpful at the time of creating a good piece of content. Every tool has its importance, and a writer acknowledges it very well.